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Everything you need to know about lead tracker
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About Lead Tracker

AllTake lead tracking and Management software is simple, affordable and proven product.

We first determine the correct solution as per your sales and lead management team requires and then finalize on the procedure and software to be used. Our tracking device provides solutions for client server and hosted platform as well making it accessible and easy to use. To back up the perfect solution we give technical based support 24/7 to all our clients. AllTake sales lead management solutions, allow you to bring all lead sources together in a single data base. LEADTRACK is quickly deployed (on your server or ours), easy to use, and will provide ROI within weeks.

Alltake lead tracker solutions will not only speed up your sales but will help is assisting you the correct source from where you need to gather database. It will lead you to an easy way of accesing data and help you to increase your sales and profitability. It will help you maintain track records and calculate your lead conversion. For any queries please feel free to contact our team for demo.