Lead Nurturing

Everything you need to know about lead nurturing
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About Lead Nurturing

There is an evaluation that 80% of marketing leads given to Sales are not acted upon.

Why? Quite often, the sales reps simply don't have time to “work” the leads – especially those with a 'B' or 'C' categories of leads (prospects who are not ready to show their interest).

To avoid losing leads, you need a disciplined and well mannered lead nurturing and lead management strategy to follow. Below are five key points of our Lead Nurturing Approach which strives to over-qualifying nurture leads to achieve higher close rates:

  • Strong and intellectual value proposition, overall positioning and description for offered product or service.
  • Understanding the role of the prospect: Is the prospect a Decision Maker or Influencer?
  • Specified Key Points.
  • Obtain the prospects interest or likely time frame for purchase.
  • Finally, based on information gathered, either Rule In or Rule Out the lead (or for the latter, Reconstitute a lead nurturing strategy).