Data Purification

Everything you need to know about data purification
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About Data Purification

Data purification involves a lot of activity and expertise. If not taken proper care and knowledge of how to handle the database it can be a very difficult task to rectify the data into prospects and non-prospects.

AllTake enhances the clients data base through following ways:

Data Appending

AllTakes data appending services will help providing the missing emails of the data base which in turn will assist the companies to increase their work flow and conversion. Normally the data which is collected from the offline and online forms are missing with important information. AllTake gathers this incomplete information and records the details in formats suitable to the clients team.

Database Cleanup & Vetting

Alltake's Database Cleanup & Vetting service is specially designed for those clients who have old data which are missing with vital information of the existing clients like name spelling, phone number, email address and title. Our team would strategies a specific formatted program for your database and will rectify these mistakes and forward the corrected sheet to your sales team so that their time is not wasted contacting the wrong person because of the said mistake.

CRM Data

Since the CRM is constantly loaded with database form various department of the organization there is a major possibility that mistakes would occur. Duplicate database is the major issue faced by the CRM. Data entry errors happen. Job titles and address keep changing mistakes happen while updating the same. The ALLTAKE CRM Data Cleansing mechanism quickly identifies the errors in the data, appends the unfilled information, removes the duplicate and creates an error free CRM within weeks. This helps marketers identify the true result of their marketing campaigns.