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About Account Profile

Our Account Profiling service gives you the opportunity to gain in depth understanding on how a potential customer operates, how they are structured, who are the key decision makers, their decision making process, who they currently purchase from as well as their future plans.

This service is used extensively by clients who are trying to penetrate new accounts or to expand their contact base within an existing account. Account profiles can be used to help quantify the business potential within an account and are an excellent sales tool to help focus sales resources and develop account plans.

Over a number of days our Sales Researchers will engage in discussions with senior functional managers to understand the key drivers of the business and explore where new IT investment might be required.

Once they have gathered the business intelligence only then do they engage with IT and learn more about the existing IT infrastructure and their future plans. Profiling work can range from a day's activity through to 3 or more days depending on the size and complexity of the account under investigation. At the end of the exercise a report is produced summarising all the information gleaned, the contacts identified and recommendations on next actions.

Data Appending

ALLTAKE enhances its Client’s database by providing missing details like emails through its 'Data Append Service’, which helps companies to maximize the value of their offline in-house databases. ALLTAKE Append services are helpful for the companies that are sitting on silos of contact records in different formats. A major chunk of the data gathered from offline and online forms are incomplete.

Similarly, the self-service registration details at Sales and Marketing seminars are not completely filled. When such data is collected at a large scale, it becomes important to convert them to a format that can be used for further follow up and email marketing.