There is an evaluation that 80% of marketing leads given to Sales are not acted upon. Why? Quite often, the sales reps simply don't have time to “work” the leads – especially those with a 'B' or 'C' categories of leads (prospects who are not ready to show their interest).
To avoid losing leads, you need a disciplined and well mannered lead nurturing and lead management strategy to follow. Below are five key points of our Lead Nurturing Approach which strives to over-qualifying nurture leads to achieve higher close rates:
  Strong and intellectual value proposition, overall positioning and description for offered product or service    Understanding the role of the prospect: Is the prospect a Decision Maker or Influencer?    Specified Key Points
  Obtain the prospects interest or likely time frame for purchase
  Finally, based on information gathered, either Rule In or Rule Out the lead (or for the latter, Reconstitute a lead nurturing strategy)

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